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Cyber MDX

The CyberMDX solution focuses on IoT, medical devices, and assets connected to clinical networks, providing complete visibility and network protection by leveraging our expertise with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, medical device vulnerability research, and a wide range of cyber capabilities.  The CyberMDX solution detects and evaluates potential threats by implementing four layers of security.

  • asset inventory and tracking

  • risk assessment and preventative care

  • detection and response

  • compliance and governance

Device-Centric-Risk-Management (DCRM)

CyberMDX provides on-going risk assessment of all your connected assets including vulnerability and compliance profiles. But we don’t stop there - the solution offers a prioritized list of asset groups and recommended actions to remediate or mitigate the risks associated with these assets on three distinct protection layers:

  • on-device

  • on-network

  • on-perimeter

This is inherently more robust than other solutions which focus their security and risk management solely on the network layer.

safe and effective care delivery

penalty and reputational avoidance

patient data protection

Connected medical devices are typically not visible to native IT control systems. As a result, many hospitals don’t know how many medical  devices  are  connected,  the  type  of  medical  device,  or any awareness of their cyber security risk status.  Worse yet, there is hardly any visibility to whether medical devices have already been hacked. 
Medical devices introduce a wide range of operating systems and communication protocols and current cyber security solutions do not fully understand these devices or their protocols and cannot provide adequate security.

Fundamental  questions  drive  the  risk  management  process. What vulnerabilities affect an asset? What is the severity? What 
are the factors that could impact patient safety or other business objectives? First  you  need  to  consider  your  on-device  remediation  options –  including  patching  or  applying  configuration  changes,  and understanding what the expected risk reduction is in each case. CyberMDX  technology  enables  the  collection  and  analysis  of meaningful  data  to  provide  answers  to  these  questions  and drive  decisions  and  actions  towards  fixing  these  issues.  Our DCRM  approach  also  includes  kickoff  workflows  and  security orchestration to help you effectively manage the risks.

Streamlining Vulnerability Remediation and Mitigation

Datasheets and brochures

Cyber MDX Control Center


Imaging Device Security Gap Analysis


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